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Program of ICS 2012

Workshop on Algorithms, Bioinformatics, and Computation Theory
Paper ID Paper Title Author(s)
#1027 Internally Disjoint Paths in a Variant of the Hypercube Tsung-Han Tsai, Y-Chuang Chen, Jimmy J.M. Tan
#1035 Diagnosable Evaluation of Enhanced Optical Transpose Interconnection System Networks Chang-Hsiung Tsai, Jheng-Cheng Chen
#1037 Randomized Self-stabilization under Distributed Daemon for 6-Coloring Planar Graph Chi Hung Tzeng, Jehn-Ruey Jiang, Shing Tsaan Huang, Cheng Feng Yeh
#1042 An O∗(1.4786n)-Time Algorithm for the Maximum Induced Matching Problem Maw-Shang Chang, Ling-Ju Hung, Chau-An Miau
#1046 On the Min-Max 2-Cluster Editing Problem Li-Hsuan Chen, Maw-Shang Chang, Chun-Chieh Wang, Bang Ye Wu
#1049 Three-Round Adaptive Diagnosis in Twisted Cubes Pao-Lien Lai, Zheng-da Liu, Po-Chang Li
#1053 Protein Structure Comparison and Visualization Tools   on Cloud Platform Chen En Hsieh, Yaw-Ling Lin, Che Lun Hung, Guan- Jie Hua
#1054 On the hamiltonian-connectedness for graphs satisfying Ore's theorem Shin-Shin Kao, Yuan-Kang Shih, Hsun Su
#1057 On Total Covers of Block-Cactus Graphs Yu-Ting Li, Jia-Jie Liu, Yue-Li Wang
#1080 Ranking and Unranking Algorithms for Loopless Generation of Non-regular Trees Ro-Yu Wu, Jou-Ming Chang, ASn-Hang Chen, Ming-Tat Ko
#1081 Completely Independent Spanning Trees on Complete Graphs, Complete Bipartite Graphs and Complete Tripartite Graphs Kung-Jui Pai, Shyue-Ming Tang, Jou-Ming Chang, Jinn Shyong Yang
#1095 A New Filtration Method and a Hybrid Strategy for Approximate String Matching Chia Wei Lu, Chin Lung Lu, R. C. T. Lee
#1128 2-Rainbow Domination and Its Practical Variation on Weighted Graphs Chung-Kung Yen
#1134 A  Novel Approximation Algorithm for Minimum Geometric Disk Cover Problem with Hexagon Tessellation Chi-Chang Chen, Chi-Yu Chang, Cheng-Chun Liu
#1163 An upper bound of the rainbow connection number in RTCC pyramids Fu Hsing Wang, Ze Jian Wu, Yann Jong Hwang
#1175 The Longest Path Problem on Distance-hereditary Graphs Chin-Wen Ho, Ming-Tat Ko, Yi-Lu Guo

Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Fuzzy Systems
Paper ID Paper Title Author(s)
#1008 A New GPS Position Correction Method Based on Genetic Programming Jung Yi Lin, Ming Chih Tung, Chia Hui Chang, Chao Chung Liu, Ju Fu Peng
#1033 Maximum Likelihood DOA Estimation with Sensor Position Perturbation Using Particle Swarm Optimization Jhih-Chung Chang, Chen Chia-Yi
#1082 Optimistic Heuristics for MineSweeper Woan-Tyng Lin, Olivier Buffet, Chang-Shing Lee, Olivier Teytaud
#1092 Learning a Move-Generator for Upper Confidence Trees Adrien Couetoux, Olivier Teytaud, Hassen Doghmen
#1118 Software Framework for Generic Game Development in CGDG Hao-Yun Liu, I-Chen Wu, Hao-Hua Kang, Ting-Fu Liao, Lung-Pin Chen
#1130 The Art of the Chinese Dark Chess Program DIABLE Shi-Jim Yen, Cheng-Wei Chou, Jr-Chang Chen, I-Chen Wu, Kuo-Yuan Kao
#1199 Mining High Utility Itemsets Based on the Pre-large Concept Chun-Wei Lin, Tzung-Pei Hong, Guo-Cheng Lan, Jia-Wei Wong, Wen-Yang Lin

 Workshop on Computer Architecture, Embedded Systems, SoC, and VLSI/EDA 
Paper ID Paper Title Author(s)
#1051 On the Variants of Tagged Geometric History Length Branch Predictors Yeong-Chang Maa, Mao-Hsu Yen
#1063 Energy-Aware Compiler Optimization for VLIW-DSP Cores Yung-Cheng Ma, Tse-An Liu, Wen-Shih Chao
#1067 A Multiplier-Free Noise Trapped Touch Algorithm for Low Cost 4x4 Matrix Panel Design Yu-Hsaing Yu, Qi-Wen Wang, Tsung-Ying Sun
#1100 Asynchronous Ring Network Mechanism with A Fair Arbitration Strategy for Network on Chip Jih-Ching Chiu, Kai-Ming Yang, Chen-Ang Wong
#1147 Hardware Acceleration Design for Embedded Operating System Scheduling Jian-He Liao, Jer-Min Jou, Cheng-Hung Hsieh, Ding-Yuan Lin
#1148 A Distributed Run-Time Dynamic Data Manager for Multi-core System Parallel Execution Wen-Hsien Chang, Jer-Min Jou, Cheng-Hung Hsieh, Ding-Yuan Lin
#1156 Design of a Dynamic Parallel Execution Architecture for Multi-Core Systems Shiang Huang, Jer-Min Jou, Cheng-Hung Hsieh, Ding-Yuan Lin
#1160 A Novel Defragmemtable Memory Allocating Schema for MMU-less Embedded System Yu-Hsaing Yu, Jing-Zhong Wang, Tsung-Ying Sun
#1203 High-Performance 128-bit Comparator Based on Conditional Carry-Select Scheme Shun-Wen Cheng, Jhen-Yuan Li, Wei-Chi Chen

Workshop on Computer Networks and Web Service/Technologies
Paper ID Paper Title Author(s)
#1058 Cross-Layer-based Adaptive TCP Algorithm in 4G Packet Service LTE-Advanced Relaying Communications Ben-Jye Chang, Yi-Hsuan Li
#1065 A System of Publishing and Managing Contents in Multiple Web2.0 Websites Jyun-Kai Huang, Shyan-Ming Yuan, Chen-Hung Yu, Chang Yuan
#1085 An InfO-based Content Sharing System for Small Communities Yuan-Liang Tai, Shang-Rong Tsai, Cheng Kang Wen, Kuo-Feng Ssu, Y.S. Huang
#1098 Construct Independent Spanning Trees on Chordal Rings with multiple chords Shyue-Ming Tang
#1108 Hierarchical Deficit Round-Robin Packet Scheduling Algorithm Min-Xiou Chen, Shih-Hao Liu
#1184 IP Address Exchanging Scheme for Vehicle Ad hoc Networks Yi-Chao Wu, Chiu-Ching Tuan
#1187 A Web Service Selection Mechanism based on User Ratings and Collaborative Filtering Chin-Chih Chang, Chu-Yen Kuo

Workshop on Cryptography and Information Security
Paper ID Paper Title Author(s)
#1005 A Secure ECC-based RFID Authentication Scheme Using Hybrid Protocols Yi-Ping Liao, Chih-Ming Hsiao
#1006 Impact of Identifier-Locator Split Mechanism on DDoS Attacks Ying Liu, Jianqiang Tang, Hongke Zhang
#1007 A Dynamic Approach to Hash-Based Privacy-Preserving RFID Protocols Chih-Yuan Lee, Hsin-Lung Wu, Jen-Chun Chang
#1011 An Extension of Harn-Lin’s Cheater Detection and Identication Lein Harn, Changlu Lin
#1025 Cryptanalysis on User Authentication Scheme with Anonymity Yung Cheng Lee
#1045 Detecting Web-Based Botnet with Fast-flux Domain Chia-Mei Chen, Ya-Hui Ou, Ming-Zong Huang
#1087 Theoretical Analysis and Realistic Implementation of Secure Servers Switching System Yu-Hong Chen, Kuang-Tse Chen, Lei Wang
#1090 Improvements of Attack-Defense Trees for Threat Analysis Ping Wang, Jia-Chi Liu
#1094 Design and Implementation of a Linux Kernel Based Intrusion Prevention System in Gigabit Network Using Commodity Hardware Li-Chi Feng, Chao-Wei Huang, Jian-Kai Wang
#1096 Image Steganography Using Gradient Adjacent Prediction in Side-Match Vector Quantization Shiau-Rung Tsui, Cheng-Ta Huang, Wei-Jen Wang
#1101 Design and Implementation of a Self-Growth Security Baseline Database for Automatic Security Auditing Chien-Ting Kuo, He-Ming Ruan, Shih-Jen Chen, Chin-Laung Lei
#1113 A Data Hiding Scheme based on Square Formula Fully Exploiting Modification Directions Wen Chung Kuo
#1115 Performance Evaluation on Permission-Based Detection for Android Malware Chung-Ying Huang, Yi-Ting Tsai, Chung-han Hsu
#1117 Deniable Authentication Protocols with Confidentiality and Anonymous Fair Protections Shin-Jia Hwang, Yun-Hao Sung, Jen-Fu Chi
#1122 A Novel Authentication Scheme Based on Torus Automorphism for Smart Card Chin-Chen Chang, Qian Mao, Hsiao-Ling Wu
#1132 Digital Watermarking Based on JND Model and QR Code Features Hsi-Chieh Lee, Chang-Ru Dong, Tzu-Miao Lin
#1135 Multi-Dimensional and Multi-Level Histogram-Shifting-Imitated Reversible Data Hiding Scheme Zhi-Hui Wang, Chin-Chen Chang, Ming-Li Li, Shi-Yu Cui
#1139 Cryptanalysis of a Provably Secure Certificateless Short Signature Scheme Yu-Chi Chen, Raylin Tso, Gwoboa Horng
#1152 Enhancing Cloud-based Servers by GPU/CPU Virtualization Management Tin-Yu Wu, Wei-Tsong Lee, Chien-Yu Duan, Tain-Wen Suen
#1159 Controlled Quantum Secure Direct Communication based on Single Photons Wei-Lin Chang, Fang-Jhu Lin, Guo-Jyun Zeng, Yao-Hsin Chou
#1194 Free View Point Real-time Monitor System Based On Harris-SURF Fang-Yi Yu, Tzu-Ti Chang, Wei-Tsong Lee, Jason Wu, Feng-Yu Chang
#1209 A Threshold Secret Image Sharing with Essential Shadow Images Ching-Nung Yang, Chih-Cheng Wu

Workshop on Database, Data Mining, and Information Retrieval
Paper ID Paper Title Author(s)
#1029 Path Tree: Mining Sequential Patterns Efficiently in Data Streams Environments Guanling Lee, Kuo-Che Hung, Yi-Chun Chen
#1062 Genetic-evolved Bayesian networks in a biomedical application Chih-Chiang Wei
#1072 Online Forum Thread Retrieval using Pseudo Cluster Selection and Voting Techniques Ameer Tawfik Albaham, Naomie Salim
#1088 Feature Reduction and Selection for Automatic Image Annotation Guan-Bin Chen, Been-Chian Chien
#1127 Spatial Query Processing on Distributed Databases Jiun-Wen Bai, Jun-Zhe Wang, Jiun-Long Huang
#1149 Finding Leaders with Maximum Spread of Influence through Social Networks Tsung An Yeh, En Tzu Wang, Arbee L.P. Chen
#1150 A Hybrid Prediction Algorithm for Traffic Speed Prediction Bo-Wei Huang, Kun-Wei Wang, Ling-Yin Wei, Wen-Chih Peng
#1206 A Discriminative Multi-Objective Programming Method for Solving Network DEA Han-Ying Kao, Chieh-Yu Chan

Workshop on Digital Content, Digital Life, and Human Computer Interaction
Paper ID Paper Title Author(s)
#1066 Virtual Multiple-Perspective Display using Pyramidal or Conical Showcase Yu-Tsung Chiu, Mau-Tsuen Yang
#1071 Stroke Rehabilitation via a Haptics-Enhanced Virtual Reality System Shih-Ching Yeh, Si-Huei Lee, Jia-Chi Wang, Shuya Chen, Yu-Tsung Chen, Yi-Yung Yang, Huang-Ren Chen, Yen-Po Hung, Albert Rizzo, Te-Lu Tsai
#1084 Image-Based Wearable Tangible Interface Yong Zeng Yeo, Jiung-Yao Huang, Lin Huei, Chung Hsien Tsai
#1124 The Creation of V-fold Animal Pop-up Cards from 3D Models Using a Directed Acyclic Graph Der-Lor Way, Yong-Ning Hu, Zen-Chung Shih
#1140 MagMobile: Enhancing Social Interactions with Rapid View-Stitching Games of Mobile Devices Da-Yuan Huang, Tzu-Wen Chang, Min-Lun Tsai, Chien-Pang Lin, Neng-Hao Yu, Mike Y. Chen, Yi-Ping Hung, Chih-Hao Hsu
#1162 Computer-Vision Based Hand Gesture Recognition and Its Application in Iphone Hsi-Chieh Lee, Che-Yu Shih, Tzu-Miao Lin
#1169 An Adaptive Video Program Recommender Based on Group User Profiles JChun-Rong Su, Yu-Wei Li, Rui-Zhe Zhang, Jiann-Jone Chen
#1200 Automatic Dancing Assessment Using Kinect CTa-Che Huang, Yu-Chuan Cheng, Cheng-Chin Chiang
#1204 A new view-calibrated approach for abnormal gait detection Kuo-Wei Lin, Shu-Ting Wang, Pau-Choo Chung, Ching-Fang Yang
#1205 Modeling and Recognizing Action Contexts in Persons Using Sparse Representation Kai-Ting Chuang, Jun-Wei Hsieh, Yilin Yan

Workshop on Image Processing, Computer Graphics, and Multimedia Technologies
Paper ID Paper Title Author(s)
#1014 Construction of a Machine Guide Dog Using a Two-mirror Omni-camera and an Autonomous Vehicle Chih-Wei Huang, Wen-Hsiang Tsai
#1015 Protection of Privacy-sensitive Contents in Surveillance Videos Using WebM Video Features Hsin Hsiang Tseng, Wen-Hsiang Tsai
#1041 A Study of Real-Time Hand Gesture Recognition Using Sift on Binary Images Wei-Syun Lin, Yi-Leh Wu, Wei-Chih Hung, Cheng-Yuan Tang
#1047 A Mass Detection System in Mammograms Using Grey Level Co-occurrence Matrix and Optical Density Shen-Chuan Tai, Zih-Siou Chen, Wei-Ting Tsai, Chin-Peng Lin, Dr. Li-li Cheng
#1050 Speeding up the Decisions of Quad-Tree Structures and Coding Modes for HEVC Coding Units Chia-Ying Chang, Shen-Chuan Tai, Bo-Jhih Chen, Jui Feng Hu
#1070 Optimal GOP Size of H.264/AVC Temporal Scalable Coding Wei-Lune Tang, Shih-Hsuan Yang
#1079 Comprehensive Evaluation for HE Based Contrast Enhancement Techniques Ming-Zhi Gao, Zhi-Gang Wu, Lei Wang
#1105 An approach for mouth localization using face feature extraction and projection technique Hui-Yu Huang, Yan-Ching Lin
#1109 Motion Estimation and DCT Coding Combined Scheme for H.264/AVC Codec Hsueh-Ming Hang, Wei-Jhe Hsu, Yi Fu Chen
#1125 Automatic Evaluation of Choroidal Neovascularization in Fluorescein Angiography Kai-Shun Lin, Chia-Ling Tsai, Shih-Jen Chen, Wei-Yang Lin
#1133 Facial Expression Recognition Using Image Processing Techniques and Neural Networks Chia Ying Wu, Hsi-Chieh Lee, Tzu miao Lin
#1138 Search Space Reduction in Pedestrian Detection for Driver Assistance System Based on Projective Geometry Karlis Dimza, Te-Feng Su, Shang-Hong Lai
#1144 Significance-Preserving-Guided Content-Aware Image Retargeting Yu Hsien Sung, Wen-Yu Tseng, Pao-Hung Lin, Li-Wei Kang, Chih-Yang Lin, Chia-Hung Yeh
#1153 Fast Multi-Path Motion Estimation Algorithm with Computation Scalability Kuang-Han Tai, Gwo-Long Li, Mei-Juan Chen, Haw-Wen Chi
#1155 3D Spinal Cord and Nerves Segmentation from STIR-MRI Chih Yen, Hong-Ren Su, Shang-Hong Lai, Kai-Che Liu, Ruen-Rone Lee
#1158 Moving Objects Detection based on Hysteresis Thresholding Hsiang-Erh Lai, Chih-Yang Lin, Ming-Kai Chen, Li-Wei Kang, Chia-Hung Yeh
#1161 Smart Video Camera Design -- Real-Time Automatic Person Identification Chen-Ting Ye, Tzung-Dian Wu, You-Ren Chen, Pei-An He, Pei-Qi Xie, Yuan-Yi Zhang, Shih-Meng Teng, Yen-Ting Chen, Pao-Ann Hsiung
#1186 A High Performance Parallel Graph Cut Optimazation for Depth Estimation Bo-Yen Chen, Bo-Cheng Lai
#1197 Identifying Device Brand by Using Characteristics of Color Filter Array Tang-You Chang, Guo-Shiang Lin, Shen-Chuan Tai
#1198 Robust Video Copy Detection based on Constrained Feature Points Matching Duan-Yu Chen, Yu-Ming Chiu

Workshop on Information Literacy, e-Learning, and Social Media
Paper ID Paper Title Author(s)
#1013 Dynamic Load Balancing in Cloud-based Multimedia System Using Genetic Algorithm Der-Jiunn Deng, Chun-Cheng Lin
#1028 Balancing a complete signed graph by editing edges and deleting nodes Bang Ye Wu, Jia-Fen Chen
#1126 A Bibliometric Analysis of the Theses and Dissertations on Information Literacy Published in the United States and Taiwan Pao-Nuan Hsieh, Tao-Ming Chuang, Mei Ling Wang
#1142 Can Internet usage positively or negatively affect interpersonal relationship? Chih-Hung Lai, Chunn-Ying Lin, Cheng-Hung Chen, Hwei-Ling Gwung, Chia-Hao Li
#1145 Challenges for Promoting the Decision-Making Processes Based on Spatial Data Analysis Elzbieta Malinowski
#1146 Conceptualizing Citizen's Digital Literacy through Everyday Internet Use Mei-Mei Wu, Ying-Hsang Liu
#1176 The Information Literacy and Beyond at Feng Chia University Kun-Huang Huarng
#1193 Using Mobile Annotation System in Public Health Practice Course based on Project-Based Learning Ting-Ting Wu
#1195 A Study of Course Assessment on C++ Programming Chen-Kuei Yang, Pei-Yu Tsai, Tsu-Feng Ho
#1207 Integration of EPC and wireless sensor networks for heterogeneous networking in a U-life environment Yao-Chung Chang
#1208 Characterizing and recognizing probe block graphs Van Bang Le, Sheng-Lung Peng
#1210 An Interactive 3D Modeling System Based on Fingertip Tracking Jia-Wei Hung, I-Cheng Chang, Jiun-Wei Yu
#1211 Using Facebook to Better Engage College Students in Learning Wei-Bin Lee, Chun-Wen Teng, Nien-Lin Hsueh, Yung-Hui Li

Workshop on Mobile Computing, Wireless Communications, and Vehicular Technologies
Paper ID Paper Title Author(s)
#1017 UDP Based Reliable File Delivery Mechanisms for Video Streaming over Unstable Wireless Networks Shih-Ying Chang, Xin-Yan Yeh, Hsin-Ta Chiao, Hung-Min Sun
#1020 A Grid-Based Clustering Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks Ying-Hong Wang, Yu-Wei Lin, Yu-Yu Lin, Han-Ming Chang
#1030 Supporting Similarity Range Queries Efficiently by Using Reference Points in Structured P2P Overlays Guanling Lee, Yi-Chun Chen, Chung Chi Lee
#1036 CDTS: Coordinator Data Traffic Shunt model for Zigbee networks Chinyang Henry Tseng, Shaiuhuey Wang, Bor-Shing Lin, Tong-Ying Juang, Xiao-Ru Ji
#1039 A Zone-Based Localization Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks with Bilateration Chi-Chang Chen, Chi-Yu Chang, Yan-Nong Li
#1044 The Universal Local IP Access for Small Cells Yung-Chun Lin, Chai-Hien Gan
#1052 Improving Pairwise Key Predistribution in Wireless Sensor Networks Neng-Chung Wang, Hong-Li Chen
#1055 Medium Access Control with SDMA for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks Neng-Chung Wang, Yu-Chun Huang
#1061 Implementation of Radar Map Using GPS in Vehicular Networks Chun-I Kuo, Po-Ching Wang, Chih-Hsun Lin, Ce-Kuen Shieh, Ming-Fong Tsai
#1069 IARC-An Improved Coverage Based Sensor Network Topology Control Algorithm Wei-Jun Lin, Tsen-Jui Lin, Lei Wang
#1104 Game Theoretical Cooperative Resource Allocation for Broadcasting in Cognitive Radio Networks Hsin-Chun Wu, Shuo-Cheng Hu, Ai-Chun Pang
#1106 A Neighbor-Aware Congestion Control Mechanism for Delay-Tolerant Networks Shou-Chih Lo, Yu-Syuan Luo
#1120 Design and Implementation of a Software Development Kit for LLRP Readers Yu-Shin Chang, Sheng-Pang Kuo, Chua-Huang Huang
#1121 A Cluster-based Link Recovery Mechanism for Spectrum Aware On-demand Routing in Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks Chih-Chieh Tang, Kuo-Feng Ssu, Chun-Hao Yang
#1131 The Performance Comparison of European DTTV Standards with LDPC-Encoded-DVB-T Standard under AWGN Channel OKTAY KARAKUŞ
#1164 Coding Scheme Improved Query Efficiency of Hierarchical MIIS Servers with Cache in Heterogeneous Networks Pei-Chen Tseng, Jai-Yan Tsai, Wen-Shyang Hwang
#1170 A Flow-Aware Placement of Mobile Agent Control Network  over Opportunistic Networks Hsiao Tzu You, Yao-Nan Lien, Jyh-Shyan Huang
#1177 Achieving Weighted Fairness for High Performance Distributed Coordination Function with QoS Support in WLANs Yeong Sheng Chen, Fan-Chun Tseng, Chih-Heng Ke
#1182 A Cross-Layer Design for Energy Efficient Sleep Scheduling in Uplink Transmissions of IEEE 802.16 Broadband Wireless Networks Jen-Jee Chen, Shih-Lin Wu, Wei-Yu Lin
#1183 Message Relaying with Data Aggregation for Drive-Thru Internet Services in Vehicular Networks Chih-Lin Hu, Chung-Chun Wang, Jiun-Yu Tu
#1185 Coverage Improvement for Directional Sensor Networks Tien-Wen Sung
#1191 Design and Analysis of Hybrid Wireless Mesh Networks for Smart Grids Chinghua Edward Chow, Phillip Huu Huynh

Workshop on Parallel, Peer-to-peer, Distributed, and Cloud Computing
Paper ID Paper Title Author(s)
#1003 Correctness of Self-stabilizing Algorithms under the Dolev Model When Adapted to Composite Atomicity Models Tetz C. Huang, Chih-Yuan Chen, Cheng-Pin Wang, Ji-Cherng Lin
#1034 Efficiently Extracting Change Data from Column Oriented NoSQL Database Yong Hu, Weiping Qu
#1075 Platform-as-a-Service Architecture for Parallel Video Analysis in Clouds Tse-Shih Chen, Tsiao-Wen Huang, Liang-Chun Yin, Yi-Ling Chen, Yi-Fu Ciou
#1078 On the Design of a Load Balancing Mechanism for ALE Middleware Yi-Ting He, Yu-Chang Chen, Chua-Huang Huang
#1083 Energy-Efficient Scheduling Based on Reducing Resource Contention for Multi-Core Processors Chieh-Jui Yang, Mei-Ling Chiang
#1091 Efficient Parallel Knuth-Morris-Pratt Algorithm for Multi-GPUs with CUDA Chun Yuan Lin, Kuan Ju Lin, Yi Hsuan Huang
#1167 Approaches for Data Synchronization on Mobile Peer-to-Peer Networks Chuan-Chi Lai, Chuan-Ming Liu
#1168 Effective Processor Allocation for Moldable Jobs with Application Speedup Model Kuo-Chan Huang, Tse-Chi Huang, Yuan-Hsin Tung, Pin-Zei Shih

Workshop on Software Engineering and Programming Language
Paper ID Paper Title Author(s)
#1009 A Simulation Environment for Studying the Interaction Process between a Human and an Embedded Control System Chin-Feng Fan, Cheng-Tao Chiang, Albert Yih
#1022 A Translation Framework for Automatic Translation of Annotated LLVM IR into OpenCL Kernel Function Chen-Ting Chang, Yu-Sheng Chen, I-Wei Wu, Jyh-Jiun Shann
#1038 An Effective Flood Forecasting System Based on Web Services Ya-hui Chang, Pei-Shan Wu, Yu-Te Liu, Shang Pin Ma
#1048 A Flexible and Re-configurable Service Platform for Multi-user Mobile Games Yu-Sheng Cheng, Chun-Feng Liao, Don-Lin Yang
#1107 A Two-leveled Web Service Path Re-planning Technique Shih-Chien Chou, Chih-Yang Chiang
#1119 An Editing System Converting a UML State Diagram to a PLC Program Yung-Liang Chang, Chin-Feng Fan, Swu Yih
#1123 Low Power Compiler Optimization for Pipelining Scaling Jen-Chieh Chang, Cheng-Yu Lee, Chia-Jung Chen, Rong-Guey Chang
#1179 Accurate Instruction-Level Alias Analysis for ARM Executable Code Tat-Wai Chong, Peng-Sheng Chen